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Firstly, this game has two ratings – PG-13 for plot, to ensure that things don't get too dark and violent and NC-17 for anything of a sexual nature. Yes, this is hypocritical, but it's the best fit for this game. Which means if you're looking for darkness and violence, this game is not for you.

Secondly, incest will not be allowed in this game in any capacity whatsoever. This has nothing to do with the recent LJ drama and everything to do with the fact that it's a very triggering subject for at least one of the players in this game. So, there will be no incest in this game, no hints of incest in this game and no incest related to this game. Which means that if we find fiction/art or discussion of incest in relation to the characters of this RPs universe, the characters (and players) will be removed from the game.

So, the rules:

1. No controlling characters that do not belong to you (ie Godmodding). If you want to create a back-story for a character, you'll need to talk to their owner first. Furthermore if we see people controlling other's characters in any way without their express permission we will remove the post. After all, no one likes to be told what their character is thinking or feeling, do they?

2. Adult content is allowed, but make sure it's behind a cut with a warning. Slash and femmeslash are allowed.

3. (TRIO ERA ONLY:) The plots will change. That's the very nature and point of this game. If you're particularly attached to a plot that isn't finished yet, let the mods know and we'll try and balance out when we change things to allow you to finish it. However there is no point setting up long term plots in the beginning of the game – they will change, and probably soon. Don't get upset with the mods if that happens in the middle of a plot and you haven't told us. The same goes for ships.

4. If you need time off from the RPG let us know so we can work around why your character isn't around. We won't replace your character unless you've been gone for over a month and not contacted us at all, but we also understand that real life can interfere and are happy to hold the character for as long as need be if we can be assured you do intend to return. Especially with the nature of this game – characters can easily be written as dead/missing/out of the country for extended periods of time and then written back in without wrecking plots.

5. No original characters, as there are plenty of canon ones to chose from, but original adults/children as family members of canon characters are allowed. If (in the unlikely situation) all canon characters are taken we will begin to accept original characters.

6. No incest/twincest. So pairings like Fleur/Gabrielle and Fred/George are not allowed. (It squicks the mods out).

7. (TRIO)All pairings and character development are the character's own, although in the beginning they do need to fit to canon. This will obviously change, and quickly, but it does need to start where canon leaves off. (MARAUDER) Character development is the players own, but try to limit pairings mostly to canon ones – we don't want to erase our trio era characters from existence, do we?

8. All drama is to be kept in character. If people have a problem with another player either sort it out off board or talk to one of the mods. We don't bite, I swear.

9. Once accepted, please note the guidelines for your characters journal:
a) It must have at least 3 user pics
b) It must contain a decent of biography. If you can't think of anything, paste your application there
c) The username must be obviously related to your character. We know that it's getting harder to come up with original usernames that still contain the characters name so we've allowed a bit more freedom than that, but we'd still like it to be obvious who you are.

10. Due to the fact that this RP will contain adult material, there is a minimum age of 17 for the players. While we have no way to prove this, if we catch you we will remove you from the game and recast your character.

11. You are expected to friend all other players journals, join both the RP and OOC communities and watch the mod community for any updates that may come along.

12. You can be in a maximum of three open RP threads at a time. If you want to start or join another one, you must complete one of your existing ones. This is to ensure that all (or most) threads and plots are completed before a time switch.
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