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1. All posts will be tagged. The tags will include:

-The year (1976 or 1998 at this point)
-Your character's name
-The characters you're playing with (or open if you're not RPing with a particular person/group of people).
-What type of thread it is (RP, Owl Post, etc)

So a sample tag line would be 1976, lily, james, remus, sirius, RP, Hogwarts

This is to ensure that threads can be traced back later, if anyone wants to find them. It also means that there is no need to include who, what, where, etc at the top of the post.

2. All threads must have a title.

3. Threads will need to be completed - as per the rules, if you have three open RP threads, you can't start a new one until one of those is completed. If none of the RPers are available to help you complete a thread let one of the mods know, and we'll either make an exception, declare the thread complete or hunt down the other RPers.

Once a thread is complete, add an additional tag that says so.

4. Time will shift in the Trio era portion of this game, that's entirely the point of it. If there's anything that you absolutely DO NOT WANT to happen to your character, post in the designated thread about it. Otherwise, it's fair game.

All time shifts will be indicated by a mod post stating the new universe, and where the characters are at that point. Relationships/character development will not be defined but things like houses, whether the character is alive or dead at this point, whether family members are alive or dead will be dictated. This is not permanent. If you're upset that your character is suddenly deceased, remember that within a short period of time they will be brought back by a change in history. In the meantime, please keep your Marauder era character active to help facilitate any changed that may bring your character back.

5. Diary entries can't be replied to. Please set all character journal entries as 'no comments allowed'. The journals are linked only for notification purposes, not for communication. If you want to communicate with a character, use Owl post.

6. All diary notifications will be sent out by the mods, and will do so after characters have posted journal entries in the new universe. So once time has changed, please make a journal entry so that the journal notification system can tell your character what's happened.
Tags: rules regulations and procedures
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